d~w promotes connected artists, helps setting up tours and organises a yearly festival bringing together an array of befriended acts, labels and local scenes.


2018 - DELTA~WAVE FESTIVAL - Oct 5-7th at Het Bos
2017 - DELTA~WAVE FESTIVAL - May 26-28th at Het Bos
2016 - d~w. 1-4 - Oct-Nov at Extra City Kunsthal

Accompanying the 2017 Delta~Wave Festival Expo,
we published a series of riso- and screen prints, designed by Jan Anderzén, Virginia Genta, Dieter Durinck, Lauren Pakradooni, Jelle Crama, Hannah Giese and Robert Beatty, in an edition of 25 copies each, stamped and numbered.

Piotr Kurek + DSR Lines - FR - June 2018
Riccardo Sinigaglia, Virginia Genta & David Vanzan - BE/NL - September 2017
Ōgon Batto - Hedoro Tour - Sept/Oct 2017
DSR Lines - Skandia Trip - August 2016
Tarzana - EU Tour - November/December 2015
Bitchin Bajas / DSR Lines - BE/DE - October 2015
New Jooklo Age / Yader - BE/NL - September 2015
Visible Cloaks - BE/NL - May 2015
Piotr Kurek - BE - April 2015
DSR Lines + Ōgon Batto - Fall Trip October 2014

Bear Bones, Lay Low, Brahmen Raag, DSR Lines, Fyoelk, Hellvete, Hare Akedod, Lieven Martens Moana, Mathieu Serruys, Ōgon Batto, Orphan Fairytale, Spirit & Form, Tav Exotic, Typhonian Highlife, Vom Grill, Weird Dust

Also working with these fine acts for BE/NL/EU shows:
Bitchin Bajas, New Jooklo Age, Visible Cloaks, Piotr Kurek, Daniel Voigt, Tarzana, Keijut, Gora Sou, Les Halles, Riccardo Sinigaglia, David Vanzan & Virginia Genta, ..

booking enquiries:
d [at] deltawave [dot] be