AMY ROSELYNNE FAUST ~ Video Screenings May 26th-27th

Amy Roselynne Fausts video work casts a net into the unseen and infinite worlds that exist within the substrates of film and vhs media. With a video-making approach that is ritualistic by nature, Faust reconfigures and sculpts material via video mixer, utilizing effects and interference, to generate mysterious atmospheres and images as an investigation into the unknown. Her new work 'Edens in Auroras', a composition of fleetingly bright and colorful abstracted animations, were recently debuted in the curated film series 'Imagineers In The Underworld' at Bozar, Brussels. Faust often collaborates with husband Spencer Clark (Typhonian Highlife, Monopoly Child Star Searchers), they both are from California and currently reside in Antwerp.