CORRENTI MAGNETICHE (it) ~ video screenings throughout the festival

In 1985 Riccardo Sinigaglia and Mario Canali founded the audio-visual art group Correnti Magnetiche.

Correnti Magnetiche used computerized systems in order to create audio-visual compositions, and produced videotapes, installations and live-electronics concerts. In concerts they played with Maurizio Dehò (violin), Gabin Dabiré (voice, balafon and percussions), Tommaso Leddi (violin, horn) and the soprano Rossana Maggia while Mario Canali painted on a graphic tablet with a big screen following the music.

Correnti Magnetiche's works have won many prizes at international demonstrations of computer art in Austria, Japan, U.S.A., Italy, Hungary and Switzerland, and they have been broadcast on TV and radio world-wide.