"DSR Lines aka David Edren, who co-runs the label Hare Akedod, lays out some liquifying modular synth stunners like an audible acupuncture session. Delicate and precise penetrations giving way to a rush of foamy euphoria, enveloping it into delicate sequenced melodies or vast synthesizer vistas, which sound like Klaus Schulze or Edgar Froese daydreaming while sitting at their rack. It is like viewing electronic music under a microscope and discovering amazing patterns."

The DSR Lines discography includes two LP's on Ultra Eczema (be), tapes on Lal Lal (fin), Jj Funhouse (be) & Sic Sic (de) amongst others. Edren was also one of the featured artists on a new library compilation album with Suzanne Ciani, Norm Chambers, Etienne Jaumet, Sarah Davachi and G√ľnter Schlienz.
Black Sweat Records just reissued his 2014 album "Spoel" on double lp and more releases are on it's way through Troglosound (it), Abstrakce (es) and Social Harmony (be)"


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