FLORIS VANHOOF (be) ~ POLYHEDRA Environment - May 26th-28th
Opening presentation friday at 19h, with polyhedra candy by Otark Productions

"The Polyhedra environment consists of a soundspeaker-orchestra of thirtyone geometric shapes with light and projection. An environment in which my music sounds out of shapes, as an instrument to research perception. Starting from a simple stereo channel, nevertheless working towards the rich acoustic phenomenon of an orchestra with all its different sound sources. An installation that plays with the animistic idea of sounds coming from an object in which the public is invited to freely discover the sounds between the sculptures. The different sizes, shapes and placement of the speakers provide an intense listening experience: a large round speaker box placed in the back of the room translates the sound differently than a small square speaker right in front of the room. Together with the natural movements in the music (eg from high to low) countless movements arise in the space between the speakers making the sound traveling through space on it's own."

Connecting his many worlds, ideas and influences into highly personal live performances and recordings, Floris Vanhoof keeps on amazing people here and abroad with his combo-style of both highly-original visual performances and oddball modular electronics.