JAN ANDERZÉN (fin) ~ Expo May 26-28th

Jan Anderzén is a Tampere based artist producing experimental music and creating images with a multitude of techniques. He layers plotted and formulated elements with splashes of accident and contingency. He's usually focusing on themes roaming the foggy borderlands of wild and domesticated.

For the past 20 years Jan Anderzén has been the main pilot of the band Kemialliset Ystävät. Tomutonttu is a creature who looks after all the dust and in a solo mode Anderzén makes the music of Tomutonttu audible. Anderzén is actively performing and giving workshops around the world and his discography is a labyrinth reflecting the nature of his art.


Jan Anderzén's work is presented here with the kind support of Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

JAN ANDERZÉN - two-color Riso print, 42x59cm - edition of 25 copies, stamped and numbered.