JUNG AN TAGEN (at) ~ Saturday October 6th - 23:45 concertzaal

Stefan Juster a.k.a. JAT is thoroughly positioning himself as a distinctive new voice in the current electronic music scene. Consistently building on his sound so far, situated somewhere between avant-garde and techno. Complex polyrhythms meet sound surfaces polished to a high sheen, with tracks giving rise to playful sonic illusions. At Delta~Wave Jung An Tagen will be presenting his audio-visual solo show in collaboration with Jeong-Ho Park and Scott Sinclair that visualises data from particle collisions in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. By means of abstract, geometric figures and complementary stroboscopic effects, these high-resolution images work together with the music to conjure up a virtually hallucinogenic quality.


https://deltawave.be:443/files/gimgs/th-138_jung an tagen.jpg