UMWURF (de) ~ Friday May 26th - 22:00 [garage]

Umwurf is a 4 piece band from South Germany/Stuttgart area, consisting of Thilo Kuhn, Werner Nötzel, Thomas Schätzl and Moritz Finkbeiner. All 4 of them are also core members of the long-running band/musical collective Metabolismus. While Metabolismus covers a very wide range of musical styles, Umwurf concentrates on abstract electronic music, coming from all kinds of analog sources, such as synthesizers, tapes, effects etc. The central and most remarkable instrument is the "Thilotron", a self built light-controlled analog synthesizer. At the delta wave festival Umwurf will be accompanied by New York based musician Samara Lubelski, who´s also a long-time member of Metabolismus, on violin and effects.