DSR Lines - Skandia Trip 2016
Kopenhagen, Göteborg, Stockholm.

05.8.2016 - Lost Lands Festival, Kopenhagen
06.8.2016 - 24kvm, Göteborg
08-16.8.2016 - Studio Residency at EMS Stockholm

DSR LINES (be, Ultra Eczema)
"David Edren, who co-runs the label Hare Akedod, lays out some liquifying modular synth stunners like an audible acupuncture session. Delicate and precise penetrations giving way to a rush of foamy euphoria, enveloping it into delicate sequenced melodies or vast synthesizer vistas. It is like viewing electronic music under a microscope and discovering amazing patterns. Edren keeps his sounds tactly understated and instead of going for a full-blown Berlin school analog synth monument, he explores the scientific (and sci-fi) aesthetics with delicacy and restrain."

Recent releases include a full LP on Ultra Eczema (be) and tapes on Lal Lal (fin), Jj Funhouse (be) & Sic Sic (de). New releases coming up on Edicoes CN, Troglosound (it) and Social Harmony (be).


Live at Cafe OTO, London:


"David Edren’s electronic music isn’t just a retro-futuristic gadget. Despite the analogue synthesizers and all the (pseudo-)nostalgic sentiments they may provoke – this is NOW!-music. NOW as in: let’s have a bath, NOW!, let’s look into the sun with eyes closed and watch the psychedelic insides of our eyelids, NOW! This is, let’s put it straight, music to focus and to be in this very moment, NOW!" Sicsic Tapes

"..a presence in Antwerp i always enjoyed, whether in the background organising shows at the Scheldapen space in Antwerp, during his Radioshows at Radio Centraal, as head of the Hare Akedod label or in various other constellations, it is good to see David Edren is finally cooking his great Kosmische psychedelic synth jams as a main course!! Eyes wide open behind the wheel one might wanna catch some drips of this fire in the eye balls, but drip slowly, and for a full experience do whatever you please! For those who need some name drops instead, cancel out the vocals on early Battiato records, travel to Germany after Harmonia left a mess or choke Klaus Schulze forcing him to play from his fucking heart!" Dennis Tyfus / Ultra Eczema