JUIN 2018 FRANCE - petite promenade

7 - TOULOUSE / Le Local - Rue Piquemil
8 - BORDEAUX / Maucaillou
9 - RENNES / Maison de la Grève fest - Bois Harel
11 - LYON / Grnd Zéro Hlm
12 - DIJON / Quartier Libre des Lentillères
13 - PARIS / La Marbrerie

PIOTR KUREK is a Warsaw based musician known from his numerous aliases, albums released for Black Sweat Records, Digitalis, Cronica, Sangloplasmo, Dunno Recordings, collaborations (most notably with Sylvia Monnier as Suaves Figures, Hubert Zemler as Pietnastka and Francesco de Gallo as ABRADA) and rather peculiar dj sets (as one of the founders of Warsaw’s Smutaz parties).

Kurek has participated in numerous music festivals including CTM, Unsound, OFF, Elevate and UH Fest as well as participating in extensive EU and US/CAN tours. In 2014 and 2015 he opened for Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s two European mini-tours.

Selected discography:
2015 - Missing Paths / Golden Dawn / Sweat (EP - BDTA rec)
2012 - Edena (LP - Sangoplasmo/Black Sweat Records)
2011 - Heat (LP - Digitalis Limited/Black Sweat Records)


DSR LINES, aka Antwerp resident David Edren, has been steadily creating electronic sounds for almost 2 decades. Starting off with programmed music, Edren slowly evolved towards analogue synth improvisations. His use of the classic ARP 2500 (album 'III-II') and Buchla 200 and Serge Synthesizer systems ('Analogie Van de Dageraad') has had a profound influence on his overall sound, performing calm rhythmic structures and ambient soundfields.

"DSR Lines aka David Edren, who co-runs the label Hare Akedod, lays out some liquifying modular synth stunners like an audible acupuncture session. Delicate and precise penetrations giving way to a rush of foamy euphoria, enveloping it into delicate sequenced melodies or vast synthesizer vistas. It is like viewing electronic music under a microscope and discovering amazing patterns."

The DSR Lines discography includes two LP's on Ultra Eczema and cassette tapes on Jj Funhouse, Lal Lal & Sic Sic amongst others. Ekster featured one of his tracks on the now highly sought after first EXO compilation and Edren was also one of the featured artists on a new library album with sounds by Suzanne Ciani, Panabrite, Sarah Davachi, Guenter Schlienz and notable others.

In 2017 Black Sweat Records reissued the 2014 album Spoel as a beautiful gatefold double lp and will re-release his Venndiagram album later this year.
A split 12" with Bitchin Bajas is coming up on Abstrakce Records in June and the future will bring an array of new sounds through Jj Funhouse, Troglosound, Marionette, Ultra Eczema and Ekster.