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~ 4 free events at the Extra City Cinema Space, Eikelstraat 31, 2600 Berchem ~

d~w.1 sat 8 Okt 2016, 8pm
KEIJUT (fin)
Keijut (Fairies) is a new excessive fantasy and fairy music trio of Äly (Intelligence, Antti Tolvi), Aika (Time, Tero Niskanen) and Lähde (Fountain, Roope Eronen). Their 4D multimedia show and electronic psychedelia will take you to their fairy universum. Come and feel the energy of the fairies and breathe the air loaded with fairy dust!
visuals by Keijut

d~w.2 fri 14 Okt 2016, 8pm
Hailing from Venezuela and based in Belgium since 2003, Bear Bones, Lay Low is the moniker Ernesto González uses to explore shifting psychedelic moods in electronic sound. Active since a teenager in the Belgian noise underground, González’s music has evolved from spontaneous bedroom noise/drone jams to colorful synthesizer tunes where library-esque vibes meet entrancing rhythms, dubby use of effects and plenty of freak outs.
visuals by Gabriela González

d~w.3 fri 4 Nov 2016, 8pm
Marc Übel, based in Cologne, has been releasing experimental electronic music under the alias “Gora Sou” since 2013. He creates contrasts at all levels; analog and digital technologies are connected with each other, seemingly chaotic arrangements dissolve into clearly ordered structures and apparently contradictory sounds are brought together in compositions that continually develop. Übel's live sets connect many ideas that are found in his albums – improvisation, a focus on sound textures and the special power of controlled chance.
visuals by David Edren

d~w.4 fri 18 Nov 2016, 8pm
LES HALLES (fr) + preshow by LOTO RETINA (fr)
French exoticist and Carpi records labelhead Baptiste Martin has been crafting fragile pastures of pan flute, field recordings, and stargazing keys as Les Halles since 2012, inspired by a formatively nostalgic night alone “watching the summer sky, thinking of all the mystery."
visuals by Dieter Durinck

During all events:
4 track Dj's (D.Edren + Cosmo Knex)
Closet of Records, Tapes & Paper (distro)
food by Extra Kitchen (starts at 6pm)